Bricks Studio is first and foremost focused on people and their experiences of a space. In 2010 James van der Velden started Bricks Studio. The firm has since gained international attention for its work in residential, hotels, retail spaces and restaurants including a full spread in the international New York Times, The Spanish architectural digest, Elle decoration, Residence and many more.

The design of Bricks Studio is distinguished by combining materials of the past with a modern orientation. Bricks Studio strives to create projects in which it can blend different styles, working with contrasts such as furniture from different era’s, antique products and unusual textures and colours. Every project is infused with a feeling of timeless eclecticism.

Bricks Studio is known for his work on projects as Terpentijn, the Thrill Grill, Garage loft, Citizen M (New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam) and Thom Sweeney.